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Shahab 125 & 150 CC


  • Shahab 125-CC & 150-CC
SHAHAB-Motor Cycle Industrial CompanyEnteredits Productions to the marketfor many much demands of Afghansafter inauguration in 2003. Sincethe company was considered a great set of production at the regional office,gradually got popularityamong the esteem peopleof west zone as a credible company then the productions of SHAHAB Company was impressive sales across the country. SHAHAB Motor cyclesbecause of High quality, reasonable price and stylish appearance sales has been rising hence the production of company always keeps itsclients.TheMotor cycle that we are introducing, its sales plentitude between our young generations in whole of Afghanistan. Model: Shahab Engine Power: 125CC & 150CC Diagram: Round and rectangular LED Engine: simple and Auto Tank capacity: 11 Lit and8 different color


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